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Journal of Mathematics and Culture Volume 7 number 1


September 2013


From the Editor 7(1)

Tod Shockey

Editorial Panel 7(1)

Juxtaposing Form, Function, and Social Symbolism: An Ethnomathematical Analysis of Indigenous Technologies in the Zulu Culture

Iman Chahine and Wanjira Kinuthia

Bridging Policy and Practice with Ethnomathematics

Linda Furuto

Using Vedic Mathematics to Make Sense of the Finger Algorithm

Bethany Noblitt and Blaire Richter

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy as an Ethnomathematical Approach

Milton Rosa and Daniel Orey

Lessons Learned from a Community Math Project: Ethnomathematical Games & Opportunities for Teacher Leadership

Jan A. Yow, Crystal Hill Morton and Daniella Cook

BOOK REVIEW of Mary Q. Foote (Ed.) (2010) Mathematics Teaching & Learning in K-12: Equity and Professional Development. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.

Lawrence Lesser