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Journal of Mathematics and Culture Volume 10 number 3


December 2016

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Reflecting on “A Study of Estimation by Professionals at Work”: Constants, Changes, Challenges, and Commitments

Thomasenia Lott Adams & Gregory Harrell

Finding the ‘Space Between’ in Developing Mathematical Curriculum and Pedagogy across Cultures: The Mathematical Ways of the Northern Ute

James Barta & Tod Shockey

Evolutions and Contradictions: A Pedagogical Reflection

Emily P. Bonner

Investigating Students’ Perceptions of Indigenous Mathematical Knowledge Systems through Immersion in Transcultural Settings

Iman Chahine

Engaging in the Standards for Mathematical Practice by Investigating Vedic Mathematics

Bethany Noblitt & Blaire Richter

Aspectos Retrospectivos e Introspectivos de una Experiencia de Capacitación en Etnomatemática

Oswaldo Jesús Martínez Padrón

(Ethno)mathematical Tasks in the Context of Proportional Reasoning

Filipe Sousa & Pedro Palhares

Ethnomodelling as a Creative Insubordination Approach in Mathematics Education

Milton Rosa & Daniel Orey

Reflections on: Relationships between the Hopi Calendar and Measurement Concepts

Janet Sharp & Tracie Lutz

What do Math and Language have in Common? Lessons from Foreign Language Learning

Molly Tun

Pacific Strata

Nicolas J. Goetzfridt



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